and here are my takes of the charactersssss haha. I hope I don’t look too bad with amazing Nadya and David. The gramma is not the final design. some of the chracters are still rough but, you know, I thought maybe you guys will enjoy.


Of course, Nadya Mira! Even though some drawings are still rough but there are so many interesting design choices!! Nadya is definitely one of the most inspiring character designer with fresh takes and distintive taste. Her way of joining shapes and elements are amazing. ANYWAY!! you guys should also check out more of her work. because it’s just great.




thanks 2 everyone who has bought something from my store, you guys are way cool



Hi! I’m incredibly fucking happy to tell you that Emily Partridge (tumblr) and I are making a story in Vertigo Quarterly: Magenta of the CMYK series! Emily’s work has floored me for a long time, with its grime and observation-informed, weighty, dimensional cartooniness. I get so much pleasure out of her drawings & comics. I’m really glad she said yes.

I named the story “Gem Pockets” and that’s all I’ll say for now. I plan to show some character sketches by Emily on my readings on tour. Thanks to editor Greg Lockard for inviting me back for another Vertigo anthology! Solicitations are here, at the way bottom.

Also, more news on this later — I’ll be doing as part of my tour, a talk on collaboration as part of Word Balloon Academy, the Friday-before-TCAF creative development workshops. Whee!

(the three below images are from Em’s site)

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!


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did a lil draw of my wife